Make a plant shop online

Plants for Profit

Nurseries posting plants online boost turnover.  That’s the aim. 

You create the post and orders appear on your email feed. We promote what you post. 

How Plantsinstock Works?

When you post a plant use a generic picture of that plant installed and looking fabulous. You only do this once. Describe your plant, its best growing conditions and what it is resistant too, its uses and how big it is when mature. Now photograph samples of the sizes you sell with their pricing and the link for delivery arrangements. Your online shop can manage your stock levels and print you a list on demand.  

Once the customer selects a plant from your shop, payment goes into escrow until you send a pic of the reserved plant with confirmation that the order can be fulfilled. 

Posts that make money - finally

All purchasers are responsible for collecting their orders from you, or direct them to our dedicated  delivery service or offer your delivery service.

Plantsinstock will pay you upon confirmation from the client of successful collection or delivery. 

Plants orders in excess of +R1000.00 warrant dedicated delivery. So post your most prestigious stock. 

How does Plants in Stock work?

How does Plants in Stock work?

Plants in Stock is a place where growers can create their own shops and sell plants online.

What is the process?

Someone is looking for a specific plant to buy. (So they go online and search for it, we have found that often people can’t find what they are looking for.)

They find Plants in Stock! Where they are able to buy the plant they were searching for or post on the forum that they are looking for a specific plant.

By having all these products and posts listed in one place Plants in Stock will make looking for plants online a simple and easy thing to do.

Become a vendor.

Create a vendor account. Now you have an online portal for selling all your plant products! Once your vendor account has been approved, login and create your shop; most importantly post pictures and descriptions of some of your plant products.

Plantsinstock has exceptional Search Engine Optimisation and inherently drives buyers to your products and added to that we do focused Social Media campaigns around your posts. 

When a buyer purchases a plant from your shop, you are notified with an email/sms. Reply to confirm that you can fill the order and include a picture of the plant you have reserved for them.  

Once you have confirmed the order, you will receive the buyer contact details and can arrange how the plant will be collected/delivered/shipped. Payment is held in escrow until you confirm collection or delivery of the order. 

As easy as that!

We host this protected payment portal and showroom to traders and customers and pay all the costs of exchange. The price you set will appear with an extra 20% added to cover these services.

IMPORTANT:     (Plants in Stock does not take care of collection, delivery or shipping of products.)

Become a customer.

If you have found the product you are looking for you can simply add it to your cart and purchase it.

The shop is notified of the order by email. Our payment portal is protected and all money is held in escrow for seven days giving you time to receive the plant you ordered and be satisfied with your purchase. 

All plants delivered /collected are deemed to have met with your approval.