About Us

About Us

www.plantsinstock.co.za is a online market place where people can buy and sell plants. Our users can become vendors, which gives them access to a online store front to sell there plants and plant related goods.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Michela Collett founder and CEO.
The Plantsinstock project began in 2006. My Dad, Paul Linder, had retired and I mentioned how magazines were full of glorious gardens but obtaining the plants featured was difficult. He responded, “You are right, but first we need a list of plants traded in the community.”.

In 2009 he deemed the list comprehensive enough to start sharing it . He started receiving emails from people asking where they could get the plants they found on www.plantsinstock.co.za.

We asked ourselves if there was a way to link our database to stock held in nurseries? Our visitors would be able to find and buy the plants they were after.

When we created the name “Plantsinstock” in 2006 the idea was to find an easy way to locate plants featured in magazines and books, and which nurseries and vendors had them in stock. Hence the name Plantsinstock.

For ten years we hobbled along with a website that had become very dated, but received an enormous amount of traffic. We had no idea how many of our visitors were actually connecting with nurseries and growers via our platform.

In 2016 Sean Collett and developer Bernard Marais, took the IT helm with a new approach. In 2018 after serving gardeners for ten years with information but no revenue, we registered a company, Michela Collett Projects (Pty) Ltd. Rebuilt the website, as a secure third party platform, https://plantsinstock.co.za, to buy and sell plants and plant based products. Our site visitors were looking for plants and products to buy and in ten years that never changed.

Sean administers the site from an IT perspective. His team have an accumulated experience of 40+ years in website development and admin. This secure third party platform enables us to manage the financial transactions between vendors and customers.

Our task is to create a vibrant trading atmosphere. Hunt down people developing and selling plants and plant based products and encourage them to use our platform to supply you.

I love the idea of living a plant based life. I admire all the people who contribute to making plant based living a reality. I know that for this to happen we need a vibrant marketplace to find the plants and products we want to buy.